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Action required - pass it on

From an email I received from "Canadians for Equal Marriage"

ACT NOW! Equal marriage threatened

December 8, 2003

Equal marriage needs your help today. Paul Martin is on record as saying that he supports the government's decision not to appeal the historic court decisions allowing same-sex couples to marry. The CBC reported Thursday however that Paul
Martin is considering expanding the Supreme Court Reference to ask the Court if he can choose an option other than giving same-sex couples access to marriage itself.

Paul Martin will be meeting with his Liberal caucus this Wednesday (Dec. 10) at 1:00 pm, where this will be the hot topic.

Please contact Paul Martin and your MP before this meeting.
E-mail Mr. Martin and your MP (even if you don't know who your MP is) from our action website: In addition, please call Martin at 613-992-4284 or 514-363-0954. Our experience shows that MPs pay most attention to phone calls.

If a "civil union" question is added to the Reference, it would amount to an appeal of the Ontario, B.C. and Quebec decisions. It would signal that the government is prepared to reverse its decision to let us marry. That it is
prepared to abandon true equality and give second-class status to same-sex couples.

In addition to being a dramatic abandonment of leadership (shown by Chretien), it can't help but give a morale boost to opponents of equal marriage.

Please let Paul Martin and your MP know that expanding the Reference is a bad idea, by visiting our action website You can choose from our pre-written message, or compose your own, to let them know civil
union is not equality.

Paul Martin is on the record as saying that "separate but equal" is not an option. Our new Prime Minister should not begin his tenure by flip-flopping on basic equality for all Canadians.

Thanks in advance for your fast action!!

Laurie Arron
Political Coordinator
Canadians for Equal Marriage

PS: To view the CBC story: "Liberals say Martin wants to end same-sex marriage controversy": To view our fact sheet on Civil Union, visit: Then take action from our website:
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